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Wednesday, 07 October 2009 11:27

Log Management

Upload ADI Files

Before uploading ADI file everytime select proper base callsign and activity (when is not on the list go to Activities and create new one).

After uploading here will be shown the results of file processing :

The upload results are showing the results of Basic log (duplicates in callsign/band/mode are not stored in Basic log but they are stored in Extended log when this type of operation is selected in Configuration).

Menu buttons

Reset Logs - when necessary you can delete all log data in database tables (clear all logs). Mostly used after early first testing of SearchLog features for new users.

Clean DB- after removing/deleting larger amount of log data you can use this function for optimal cleaning of database data.

Edit - Group editing (up to 20 pc.) of log entries shown on selected log page.

New - Group inserting (up to 20 pc.) of new log entries

Introduced in ver.3.1 :

Here is also possibility to create new activity on Log Management page just before ADIF upload :

Red marked button after mouse click opens editable field where you can write the name of new activity which you like assign to the uploaded ADI file. When before clicking you have selected any specific activity from select box then the activity is copied to new activity input field. Input field is marked with red border when the name of new activity coincides with any name of existing activity (included in select box). You can edit activity name in the input field or clear the input field with button . New edited activity is intentionally retained also when you select other base call.
Log Statistics

Log statistics shows basic data about log content total and divide per each base callsign. These data are shown in two columns - Basic / Extended. Basic column shows count of unique records (callsign/band/mode) and Extended column shows count of full QSO records (details are presented on Extended Log Content page).

Basic Log Content

Here is shown the Basic log content for selected base callsign. You can filter callsigns using Filter and sort the results via Sort combo-box.

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