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Wednesday, 02 May 2007 11:40
Specific Joomla component dedicated primarily for station QSO log searching was expanded in new 2.0 version with the possibility of ADIF files upload (for call and QSL cards tracking) and easy log data database management via component administration pages. My implementation of Search Log component for OM1AVK station you can find by selecting from main menu Search Ham Logs link.


Search Log is primarily oriented for searching in Amateur Radio logs containing informations about performed radio contacts (QSO's). Because of radio amateur rules and gentlement agreement (ham spirit) there is not allowed to gain all important informations about the performed contact via web published log. This Joomla component follows mentioned requirements and allows for each searched callsign to find some important data : contact callsign, band, transmission mode and status of confirming of QSO via QSL card (none as blank, sent, received, confirmed on both sides).

Search Log ver.2.0. allows to present search for more (up to 5) callsigns of stations (base calls) which owns the mutual log. Such type of arrangement is usefull for expedition activities or club maintained logs. 


Version history

version 2.0
  • Major changes in Administration - entire part of Manage Log added
  • Direct view of the complete QSO log with filter and sort capability
  • Upload of ADIF log files directly to the Search Log database
  • Manual maintenance for insert, update and delete of log data possible
  • In the case of ADIF file upload automatic setting of latest date of log validity (manual change possible)
version 1.3
  • Multi base callsigns search implemented in the front-end, administration and database
  • Internal extensive re-design
  • Functionality of ver.1.2. is included
  • Tested on MySQL database ver.4, ver.5
version 1.2
  • Sole one base callsign search implemented in the front-end, administration and database
  • Basic public version
Upgrade to version 2.0 from oldier versions

Prior to the installation of Search Log ver.2.0 you have to unistall the old version via Administrator Installers/Components. Unistallation operation remains intact your log table in the database. Then after you can install the component again via Administrator Installers/Components.

Front-end screen example

version 2.0, 1.3

version 1.2


Station Log

QSO log data are stored in database table in MySQL database in the following manner :

version 2.0

Column 'callbase' has now attribute NOT NULL and column 'lastchange' was added for easier maintenance of the log (database) data. 'lastchange' contains timestamp of the last changed QSO data (insert, update) in the row. Please do not be confused to interchange this date meaning with date of QSO read from ADIF file.

version 1.3

Numbers in column 'callbase' are integers (from 1 up to 5) relating to the fields 'Callsign #n' on the Search Log administration page. For simple (one station log) no assigment in the fields 'Callsign #n' is necessary - in this case data select do not cover the column 'callbase' (it can have no/any value). For multi station log you have to set callsign names in appropriate fields on Search Log administration page.

version 1.2

As you see in the tables is callsign stored in two columns - in the 'call' is allocated full callsign as used during QSO and in the 'radio' column here is basic callsign stripped, without /P or /number (as used by portable operation). This arrangement allows easy searching for all QSO records for the basic callsign as shown on the first figure.

During installation of SearchLog component is created the related table with naming 'jos_calls' (when the default table prefix 'jos' is used). Importing data into this table as well as data update and maintainence is necessary to perform by PHPMyAdmin client or other database administration frontend.

SearchLog Administration

When logged to the Administration of Joomla select from the menu Components and choose one of the following possibilities :
  • select in pop-up menu 'Searchlog' for displaying of Component credits
  • select in submenu of 'Searchlog' the link 'Configuration' for setting the main config data
  • select in submenu of 'Searchlog' the link 'Manage Log' for ADIF files uploads and manual maintenance of the Log
SearchLog Configuration

Each of the SearchLog parameters has on administration page pop-up hint when appointed by mouse cursor. For multilanguage pages is here foreseen to use '*' value of the parameter in which case the proper definition from language definition file is used (valid for _SEARCHLOG_TITLE, _SEARCHLOG_DESC, _SEARCHLOG_TEXT definitions). At least one Base callsign shall be defined.

Behavior of Base callsigns settings :
  • One Base callsign set - Base callsign combo is not shown on log search page, 'callbase' column in the database IS INCLUDED in search select command
  • More Base callsigns set - Base callsign combo IS SHOWN on log search page, 'callbase' column in the database IS INCLUDED in search select command
After filling all necessary configuration data press 'Save' button. 'Log' button allows direct selecting of main Log Management page.

SearchLog Management

Main page of log management is shown here :

In the upper part of the screen we can select the base callsign for which we like to work with the log. This setting is influencing ADIF file upload as well as displaying of log data.
For ADIF file upload select the appropriate file (allowed file extensions are adi, txt, log) on the local computer by pressing the 'Browse' button and after the file select press 'Upload File' button. The upload result are displayed in short statistic summary as well as in the displayed log (sorting of data is automatically set to 'Last Changed' sort).

Shown log data is possible to filter with writing-down search string and pressing ENTER. For data sorting is used combo-box 'Sort'.

On the lower part of displayed data is page selector with standart Joomla administration capability.

When 'Edit' button is pressed all log data currently displayed on the screen are available for manual editing or deleting choosen row.

For data update is possible to change data values in input boxes but you cannot set the fields callsign, band and mode to nothing (blank) - this case is forbidden. You can change how many data on the page as you like and then after is necessary to press 'Apply' button. Displayed ID column shows unique identification number of data row in the database and this number is important in the error messages pointing to erroneous data rows.

For data deleting is here necessary to mark the rows expected for delete via check-boxes on the left-hand side of the screen and the pressing 'Delete' button.

For inserting new data to the log we shall select on the Log Management main page 'New' button and then to fill the appropriate data to the input table (callsign, band, mode are compulsory data). Pressing 'Save' button on Data Insert page allows to store new data to the log database.


Component SearchLog, ver.2.0. (current version 2.0.4), designed for Joomla! framework, ver.1.0.11 and later 1.0.x versions, is available for download here.
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